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"Making music is like painting a picture, but then in sound."

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GONE - MAY 2011

I'm sorry I made your heart bleed
I saw a hungry soul to feed
with rainbows and unicorns
in clouds of a distant beach

belly dimples, pistol shrimp
might just be pussy whipped in pasty crimps
gut baby fish with hugs and kisses
in Cornish dreams with corny wishes

but all those thoughts on the tracks
only caused useless acts
to bind us while we must part
and crack up broken hearts

oh oh oh oh oh, I'm gone
never meant to be
oh oh oh oh oh
but maybe you'll find me

a kiss, no contract but a spell
like cranes in a wishing well
bambi eyes staring back at me
destined to never mean to be

curled up inside your hair
I'm everywhere but not really there
between those walls, I'll look right through
throwing rocks at distant truths

but all the writing in the wall
only lead to our fall
to slide in, take us apart
become the void in broken hearts

oh oh oh oh oh, I'm gone
never meant to be
oh oh oh oh you're the one
only to set me free
oh oh oh oh oh, I'm gone
never meant to be
oh oh oh oh oh
but maybe you'll find me

but maybe, you'll truly find me
one day in the mud
beyond the yellow door
your teeth mark the spot

but all the birds in the cracks
only sing of useless facts
to fly off and fall apart
can never mend broken hearts

but maybe, you'll truly come and find me
one day in the mud
beyond my yellow door
your teeth mark the spot

(ingredients: an accoustic guitar, a lead vocal and a good microphone)

Once upon a time, on a rainy day, I found an ancient sound editing program (audition 1) hidden on my big old granny computer. I have no idea where it came from, for I had definitely not added it, but it must have been hanging out there for quite some years already.

The program is so old that it doesn't allow much more than simple editing. However, I found that this limitation - with it's modest toys - provided a large playground and endless imagination (while having too many and too detailed toys to play with usually kills all the fun).

Playing around with it, I recorded a voice - with the microphone of my headset - that demanded a choir. So, having no other singers around, I recorded some more. The choir came to live and demanded other instruments.

But I only had two instruments laying around, a clarinet and a guitar. The clarinet I hadn't played for a long time, I never quite mastered playing the guitar and, despite my efforts, I did not find any musicians hidden in any of the cupboards.

For recording, I was stuck to my little bedroom (the wires of the headset are rather short and my old granny computer found unmovable), so I went hamstering about the house and dragged whatever objects that could produce some kind of sound back into the bedroom and then waited for them to tell me what they wanted to do (very rarely I used a sample, found in the webs somewhere or recorded with my mobile phone).

While the words and melodies poured out of my fingers, mouth, nose and ears, I couldn't get myself to stop. I didn't sleep, I didn't eat, the time passed without a glance in the mirror or on the clock.

Practically every night, one could find me imitating percussion, trumpets and singing saws and banging about on household equipment with ...other household equipment (you can view the ingredients below the lyrics of each song), while sitting in my little bedroom, between the pillows.

After a few songs and a few weeks living like that, my cat was fed up by the neglect and resolved to confront me, making me realise that it's actually quite neccessary to eat, sleep and moreover, wash myself (as well as the pillows).

So these days, I put some effort in taking care of the household again. The pillows get their fresh cover on regular basis and I make sure to spend a lot of quality time with my cat. But, occasionally I return to wander the roads of midnight madness to make more music.

If you wish to download any of the songs, click the downward arrow on the right side of the player while the song is playing and click "Download", or, click a "Download" button in the playlist (only available on "all song view").

Please be nice and do NOT upload the files to any public places/websites (such as youtube etc.). You may, however, either share the files by email, usb stick or some other physical data carrier with anyone you wish to share it with, or, share the link to this page anywhere you wish.

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The album Strawberry Hermitage is now available on CD in a small hard cover book (19x15cm) with 26 pages of lyrics and art works.

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